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African American Cowboy Culture

That’s a Good Look is here to accentuate the importance, value, and relevance of the black cowboy culture. As African American western culture enthusiasts, we want to mend this once-fragmented national cornerstone. Through fashion, entertainment, food, and events, we highlight the social relevance of this horse-loving lifestyle. Just like finding solace on horseback, black western culture enthusiasts can unite, celebrate, and emphasize the value of this socially relevant lifestyle through That’s a Good Look. Saddle up for the ultimate ride into African American cowboy culture with That’s a Good Look.

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Community Feature: Untamed Rydahz


Untamed Rydahz

“The Texas Untamed Rydahz: – Cedric Stanford (the CEO) had a dream to reinvent the trail ride/family camp out organization. Making it more family/friendly based, with a much more aggressive and innovative look, he decided to make his dream a reality. Starting with only 3 members and a winner’s mindset, he never doubted what he could achieve. Texas Untamed Rydahzare know by our friendly spirits and energetic moves that captivate every scene in every city we attend. Followed by our very catchy chant “Who are we…Untamed!! What are we…Untamed!!” it’s so easy to get the crowd into what we have going on. It’s like they just gravitate to them Texas Untamed Rydahz. We’re known for showing love in many cities, near and far, to show our other counter parts that’s doing the same that we appreciate them for allowing us to transition so smooth into a powerhouse in Bryan, Tx and all surrounding areas. So if you decide you want to go on a trip and see something that’s a slight bit from the norm, come get Untamed!!”

Upcoming Western Themed Events

Let’s come together, enthusiasts. That’s a Good Look will keep an eye out for upcoming western themed events like: Rodeos, Shooting Championships, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Art Exhibits, Concerts, and more!

Our Top Zydeco Artist for Black History Month!!

While zydeco music can be heard around the world, nowhere is it more popular than Louisiana. Here, people carry on the tradition of the trail ride, riding out to the countryside for music, food and dancing. Weekend nights, you’ll find live zydeco in just about every town in southwest Louisiana as well as the big cities of Baton Rouge, Shreveport and New Orleans. It’s also a staple at local festivals, including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the annual Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival in Plaisance.

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Wallet by Gray Area and boots by Game Day Boots available at Partners Western Company

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