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We have a fun interview coming up next week with roper, Lionel Brown. Lionel grew up in the deep southern state of Mississippi and he’s a fun cowboy with a great work ethic. You don’t want to miss his story.

Roper Lionel Brown

In the meantime, I thought I would share some tips I’ve learned about developing confidence in the saddle.

In early 2016, I started the journey of losing fifty pounds. Now, I’ve never been tiny, but I have been up and down the scale my entire life so I know how weight can impact your riding.  While weight can effect your balance and reaction time, it’s just a small piece of the puzzle. The biggest piece of the puzzle is strength, especially in your core.

Before & After

Your core isn’t just the middle of your stomach. I like to think of it as the entire trunk of the body. So that includes the front and back side of your upper, middle and lower stomach. The core is what controls those slight movements that keep you in balance.

Having a life-long struggle with weight, I’ve done all kinds of diets and workouts over the years. While I may have seen a slight improvement in my balance, it was nothing like the improvements I saw when I began doing  kettlebell workouts.

What Makes You Confident?


Kettlebells Make A Difference!

I’m one of those folks that likes to get the most bang for the buck. If I’m going to be working out, I want to work as many of my muscles as I possibly can. Kettlebell exercises work not only your arms and/or legs, but they also engage your entire core the whole time you’re doing the exercises. Instead of spending time doing an additional set of endless crunches or planks, you can strengthen your core and get a core workout the whole time you’re doing kettlebell swings!

When you develop strength that improves your balance, it’s at that time you become in control of your body. Not having subtle control of our body causes us to be out of balance, and that’s when we lose confidence because we know we’re at least partially out of control. The key to having confidence as a rider is having ultimate control over your body movement and that requires strength.

Think about it. When you feel strong and in control, don’t you automatically feel more confident? You feel like, “I got this”.

That’s what building strength in your entire core does for your riding – it gives you control so you can say, “I got this!”.

From too slow for the 4D to 3D time

Do you feel confident when you ride? What has helped you become more confident as a rider?

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