Our record label, Black Saddle Records, brings you exclusive songs that are tailor-fitted to your lifestyle—fitting even better than your favorite pair of jeans. Through genres such as R&B, progressive, soul, funk, hip-hop, country, and zydeco, Black Saddle Records brings a new-age feel to a classic lifestyle. Every harmony and hard-hitting beat of the anthems of black cowboys are produced here. Our unique lifestyle needs one-of-a-kind tracks, and Black Saddle Records produces just that. From fast-paced knockouts to heart-rending ballads, we produce the tunes that are just right for the lifestyle of an African American western enthusiast.

Vicky Van

Sir Blacc

K King

Chu’Zu & Vince Tucker

Cowboy Calvin

The Perfect Combination

Give life to your style; complement and accent your western outfit with a rodeo-ready get-up that you’ll be proud to wear until sundown.