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On June 25, 2022

Gimme5 (Recommended Products)

Are you looking for a hot sauce that has just enough kick? How about the top five trucks for just what we do? Well, black cowboys and cowgirls, gather ‘round. We’ll rank the best products, services—you name it—for African American western enthusiasts. Whether small or heavy, we’ll help you in making life choices by posting the top five of categories most prevalent to African American cowboys and cowgirls. With life constantly evolving, help us help you by giving your feedback on our choices.

Top 5


Ariat Boots

Corral Boots

Justin Boots

Laredo Boots

Tony Lama Boots

Top 5



Five Guys

In and Out

Tommys Burgers


Top 5

Country Singers

Coffey Anderson

Cowboy Troy

Darius Rucker

Milton Patton

Will Bill

Top 5

Horse Salve & Ointments

Telesis Equiderma Wound Ointment

Telesis Equiderma Wound Ointment

Nitro Ointment 400 G

Nitro Ointment

Manna Pro Corona Multi-Purpose Ointment

Corona Ointment

Fura-Free Sweat&Salve


Bickmore Gall Salve Wound Cream

Gall Salve

Top 5

Nutrition Bars

top 5 kind bars #1
Kind Bars

If you’re looking for the most well rounded nutrition bar on the market then Kind Bars are it. They take the #1 spot on our Gimme5 Top nutrition bars due to an array of health and wellness benefits while maintaining a great taste. Kind Bars present a caloric hearty nut based bar naturally sweetened by its ingredients. The bar provides great flavor and a filling consistency while keeping the overall sugar content less than 5 grams. Other benefits include 0 trans fat, low sodium, gluten free and a whole grain foundation while packing a good amount of protein. If that wasn’t enough, Kind Bars are non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

Top 5 Lara Bars #2
Lara Bars

Some desire an all-natural nutrition bar that gives a raw food vibe and Lara bars definitely fit that description to the fullest. Lara bars take pride in utilizing no more than 9 ingredients in their rawest, whole food form. Bringing one of the largest varieties of flavors on the market and naturally sweetened by fruit, Lara Bars are a force in the nutrition bar world by staying true to their formula. Gluten free, non-GMO, and vegan are some other qualities that Lara Bars contain.

Top 5 Balance bars #3
Balance Bars

Balance Bars show that balance is the goal and they definitely live up to their name. This particular nutrition bar prides itself on providing energy by utilizing a 40-30-30 principle of carbs, protein and fat. Balance Bars provide a big punch of long standing energy, which make them great for meal supplement and pre- or/and after physical activity. Each bar contains 15g or protein, 7g of dietary fat and 21g of carbs to fuel the body, making them very dense and filling for a nutrition bar. Lets not forget that Balance bars are praised for their great taste and texture, bringing a great consistency and experience when enjoyed.

top 5 Oatmega Bars #4
Oatmega Bars

When we think of versatility and uniqueness in a nutrition bar, Oatmega Bars lead the way without a doubt. Oatmega Bars find their essence in utilizing whey protein derived from grass fed cows in New Zealand for an optimal protein source. Oatmega bars have a unique quality by infusing DHA and Omega-3’s from fish oil derived by naturally caught fish. The bars are naturally sweetened by monk fruit, which assist in Oatmega bars well known “on point” flavor and taste. When it comes to taste, purity of protein and infusion of Omega-3’s, Oatmega bars stand alone in the nutrition bar world.

Top 5 Luna Bars #5
Luna Bars

Luna bars come in last but definitely not least, with their multitude of flavors and ingredients. Luna Bars are a subsidiary of Clif bars that specialize in multiple organic ingredients to optimize taste and nutritional properties. Luna Bars are original in their flavor twist and utilizing many soy based ingredients to provide a considerable amount of protein, nutrition with a natural formula. Luna bars are applauded for their taste as well as their texture, which gives them the essence of a candy bar without compromising their organic and nutritional value.

Top 5

Zydeco Artists

C.J. Chenier zydeco artist

C.J. Chenier

Chris Ardoin zydeco artist

Chris Ardoin

Geno Delafose zydeco artist

Geno Delafose

Lil' Nathan zydeco artist

Lil’ Nathan

Rosie Ledet zydeco artist

Rosie Ledet

The Perfect Combination

Give life to your style; complement and accent your western outfit with a rodeo-ready get-up that you’ll be proud to wear until sundown.