“That’s a Good Look Today” Music Rating System

That’s A Good Look today, music section is inspired by our status as a western lifestyle influencer with the motive to create a platform for established and upcoming artists within the country, soul, R&B, funk, and pop genres. With our 4 star rating systems, we rate the level of the artist by utilizing many factors including vocal talent, song ratings, upside/potential and writing ability, added to our personal preference.

Coffey Anderson

(4 out of 4 stars)
We’ve had our eyes on Coffey for a few years now. He first caught our attention with songs like “Magazine Girl” and “Tacos and Margaritas”, where it was evident that Coffey had excellent sound and singing ability. Coffey has a unique country/pop vibe with unusually great pitch, while utilizing his guitar to keep him in key. One of his most distinguishing factors is his ability to write down to earth “feel good” stories within his music, which seems to come from a natural and true place. Coffey has since expanded and grown within his genre of music and currently tops the charts with his most recent album.

Lucky Daye

( 3.5 out of 4 stars)
Just hearing this artist name inspires intrigue and interest. Although Lucky Daye wouldn’t be categorized as a traditional country/western artist, his extreme versatility and genre bending sound demands attention and respect. Lucky’s vocal tone and beautiful arranged and written songs like “Roll Some Mo’ ” and “Love You Too Much” captivate his listeners for sure. Although when it comes to vocal ability and song writing, Lucky is elite. He still is very new on the scene and has yet to show his full body of work, which we look forward to experiencing.

Kane Brown

(3 out of 4 stars)
Kane has definitely stirred things up and made some good noise in the country music world. He first came to our attention through American Idol and a couple other singing competitions. Kane had some success but ultimately thrown into fame by his YouTube cover songs. From there Kane continued to expand and grow with original songs like, “Heaven” and “Good as You”. Kane has a great country vocal tone with a R&B swag which definitely gives him his own personal sound, on top of his skill to sing within his range and ability.

Cowboy Calvin


Our record label, Black Saddle Records, brings you exclusive songs that are tailor-fitted to your lifestyle—fitting even better than your favorite pair of jeans. Through genres such as R&B, progressive, soul, funk, hip-hop, country, and zydeco, Black Saddle Records brings a new-age feel to a classic lifestyle. Every harmony and hard-hitting beat of the anthems of black cowboys are produced here. Our unique lifestyle needs one-of-a-kind tracks, and Black Saddle Records produces just that. From fast-paced knockouts to heart-rending ballads, we produce the tunes that are just right for the lifestyle of an African American western enthusiast.

Chu’Zu & Vince Tucker

The Perfect Combination

Give life to your style; complement and accent your western outfit with a rodeo-ready get-up that you’ll be proud to wear until sundown.