This 1980 Chevrolet C20 Quad Cab called The Big Red Max that you see belongs to Dan Verot. Dan is a real truck aficionado from Canada. Dan runs his own sandblasting, custom CNC plasma cutting, as well as a professional spray in box liner business called Remer’s Renderings. Dan’s dream truck build have been a two and a half year project that is full of his blood, sweat, and tears, but all the hard work have paid off in spades. He started out with a solid 1980 Quad cab shell that was in great shape. Dan had to replace the front floor boards because they were rusted out. The rear fenders also had some minor rust behind them, but the rest of the body on the 80 C20 was solid. Dan’s truck is now rust free, and you know a rust free truck is important when living up North in that Canadian element with long snowy winters. To help combat the elements he applied the red rocker guard on the bottom of the truck as well as in the door jams. After all the bodywork and rust proofing was finished on The Big Red Max, Dan applied several gallons of  1994 Dodge Viper Red paint, and then the paint was sealed with several gallons of clear so that Dan’s 1980 Chevy C20 Quad Cab would shine like a new proof coin from the mint. This is where the two and a half year build get really good. Dan had an epiphany, so he decided that he was going to scrape the original 1980 frame that the truck came with, and he opted for a more beefy 1989 Chevrolet Crew Cab 1 ton 4×4 Square-body frame. Dan was thinking ahead of all the things he had planned for The Big Red Max. He stripped the frame complete, and started a full rebuild of everything on the frame, and I mean everything. Dan replaced all suspension parts, wiring harness, bolts, etc with all new components. The only thing that isn’t new on the frame is the engine, and we will get into that piece of the puzzle next. Dan toiled with the motor that he would choose for his C20 conversion. He kept coming back to the only option he could envision in between the frame rails. Dan chose a 2008 LMM GMC 6.6 Liter Duramax diesel with low miles that he had deleted. The deletions included the fuel filter delete, and the EGR valve delete. He added the basic bolt on’s to the engine, such as a new intake and exhaust (up pipes, 3 inch down pipe into 4 inch horse shoe under the transmission and then into 5 inches the whole way back down the driver side of the cab and out the back of the truck). Some of the other add on’s include a complete Wehrli Custom Fab Inc big tube kit, and modified turbo intercooler pipes to interconnect with the lb7 intercooler. He commissioned to do the dsp 5 tuning, and to make a one off wiring harness for the build. Dan knew a head of time that if he was going to use the GMC Duramax diesel with the potential power that it could produce, he would have to beef up the transmission. So the tranny that “The Big Red Max” sport now is a 6 speed automatic Allison with all the goodies inside. He opted for better thicker clutches, a shift kit, and more importantly a triple disc converter. Dan matted the Allison transmission to a heavy duty NP205 gear driven transfer case. He modified the stock floor shifter so the transfer case could bolt onto the side of the built up 6 speed automatic Allison transmission, and that allowed him to ditch the two floor shifter option. The engine and trans mounts, along with the transmission adapter to the transfer case was created at Precision Fabrication Plus. Dan wanted his C20 to appear as stock as possible, but with better seating, and a more modern look and feel to it. Dan choose to go with  bucket seats throughout the cab. The instrumentation The Big Red Max was outfitted with is a group of Dakota Digital HDX gauges, a straight plug and play cluster, and the gauges pull all the Duramax information from the OBD II port. The finishing touches that Dan applied to this wonderful build was the lift, plus the rims and tires. Dan decided to lift the truck up roughly with a 6 inch lift so the monster tires could clear the fender wells when driving or turning in the rugged terrain up north. The large rims, and tires he chose for the build are 22 inches tall by 12 inches wide American Force forged rims, wrapped with 35 x 12.5 inch Toyo MT tires. Dan dedicated 2-1/2 years of his life building this truck, and he performed 98 percent of all the work on it, so I would like to give Dan Verot a shout out and commend him on the great work that he achieved, by creating this automotive work of art, so in 2021 That’s A Good Look is able to share the final product with the world. So The Reel Truck Connection would like to introduce you to “THE BIG RED MAX”.





  • YEAR  1980 with 1989 Square Body Frame

  • MAKE Chevrolet

  • MODEL C20 Quad Cab with 1989 Crew Cab 1 ton 4×4 Square Body Frame


  • EXTERIOR COLOR SCHEME 1994 Dodge Viper Red

  • INTERIOR COLOR SCHEME Charcoal Grey and Red

  • ENGINE 2008 LMM 6.6 Liter Duramax Diesel

  • TRANSMISSION 6 Speed Automatic Allison With Heavy Duty NP205 Gear Driven Transfer Case

  • EXHAUST 3 Inch Down Pipe, 4 Inch Horseshoe Under Transmission, 5 Inch Out The Back of The Truck

  • ACCESSORIES  Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Tilt Steering, After Market Stereo System, 4×4, Tow Hicth

  • RIMS 22 x 12 Inch American Force Forged Rims

  • TIRES 35 x 12.5 Inch Toyo MT Tires





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